Psychological Numerology - Volume 2
Psychological Numerology - Volume 2

Psychological Numerology - Volume 2

Numbers as a Mirror of our Personality and Life Mission: Volume 2 - Life Phases and their Vibration

This psychological-numerological guide will help you design the map of your life's path and clearly identify and successfully navigate the major challenges and trials of your life.

1st ed. Sept. 2013, 410 p., size A5, paperback, eco paper

ISBN: 978-3-9502733-3-5


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Life phases and their vibration

Do you want to know the message of the most important stages of your life?
Would you like to finally interpret the learning task of your life's journey?
Are you longing to find out where your life path is taking you and how you can unleash your hidden potential?

Then this book is just the perfect companion for you, helping you on the Journey to successful and profound self-discovery takes you by the hand and supports you in all phases of this journey of discovery.

Do you want to go through life more consciously and find out what important challenges and tests await you on your path through life?

In this case, this psychological-numerological guide will help you, look at your life from an exciting new perspective. The life cycles described in this book show you the areas of life in which you are constantly confronted with challenges. They show you ways in which you can grow personally and thus realize your life vision.

This book is a wide-ranging reference work for numerology enthusiasts and all those who Assistance in overcoming challenges search. It offers a broader perspective on how to successfully deal with obstacles that arise on your personal life path. You will also receive a detailed interpretation of your personal life stages, personal years and months as well as your associated development potential.

Optimal use

How can you work with this book?

The best way to work with this book is to approach its contents with complete openness and insatiable curiosity. This book will help you to develop your potential and shape your own path in life.

Step 1: Illuminate the facets of your own personality

A suitable starting point for working with this book is the analysis of the Date of birth grid and the mental matrix. Both grids and their corresponding elements illuminate all those facets of your personality that you are already aware of as well as those that still lie dormant deep in your unconscious. Step 1 aims to help you to reveal the diversity of your character and allow your hidden talents and qualities to blossom.

Step 2: Create a map of your own life path

This step is about, recognize the cycles and the individual phases of your life and analyze your vibratory cycles and challenges, including the respective climaxes. This analysis will help you to recognize the challenges in your life and the ways in which you can overcome these challenges. with concrete solutions can cope with.

Step 3: Discover the challenges of the current year and the current phase of life

This third step is dedicated to the calculation of the Quality of the personal year. In this way, you can find out exactly which topics and challenges you are repeatedly confronted with in your current year of life. If you are aware of the themes of your personal year, you can focus specifically on the challenges of the current year.

Knowing the issues and challenges you are currently facing means that you will master upcoming tasks with more confidence and composure. Above all, however, you will recognize the Messages and Learning tasks the new, upcoming phase of life and are therefore well prepared for it.

For whom suitable

The purchase of this book is particularly worthwhile if

  • you more about the individual phases of your life want to find out more.
  • you the hidden aspects of your personality want to get to know us better.
  • you have a clear access to your Downsides and your hidden talents want to find.
  • you the challenges of your new year of life in detail and are looking for useful assistance to successfully overcome these challenges.
  • you feel the need to reflect your life phases in the mirror of your Soul planes at recognize.
  • you feel the desire, give your life a new perspective and you yearn to find your own way powerfully and to walk alive.
  • you wish, your The past better at Understand.
  • you the Learning messages your past and present Life experiences recognize would like.

Table of contents

Psychological numerology offers an important key to self-knowledge
Structure of the second volume of the book Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazza ®

Chapter 1 - Recognizing the facets of our personality: The birth date grid

Chapter 2 - The numerological transcription of the letters of the name

Chapter 3 - The mental matrix as a mirror of our soul

Chapter 4 - The number of mental balance: our hidden soul tasks

Chapter 5 - The vibratory cycles: the coordinates of our soul path

Chapter 6 - The tests on the path of life: the numerological challenges

Chapter 7 - Highlights: The background to the challenges

Chapter 8 - The personal year

Chapter 9 - Structure and interpretation of a complete numeroscope



Customer reviews

11 reviews for Psychologische Numerologie – Band 2

  1. Erika M. from Spielfeld -

    Broad numerology knowledge
    I have already read volume 1 on numerology by the same author and can only say: I am equally fascinated by volume 2. Both books have supported me enormously in my everyday life, my life has become much better.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  2. Claudia F. from Lieboch -

    Eerie relief!
    I was able to overcome a deep-seated insecurity with the help of this book. All my life I was looking for an explanation why I always carried such a deep insecurity inside me, although there were no reasons for it. The book got it right to the point and my mother even additionally confirmed the reason described. Great books!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  3. Katja T. from Unterpremstätten -

    Increase self-esteem
    With this book and Volume 1 of Psychological Numerology by Dr. Ernestina Mazza, I have finally understood why my self-esteem is so low. This has allowed me to work specifically on improving my self-esteem. This book, together with volume 1, has brought me a lot of positive things. Thank you so much!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  4. Frederike G. from St. Lambrecht -

    Recognizing hidden development potential
    After volume 1 by the author of the same name, this book has helped me a lot to develop optimally. Again and again in my life I had the feeling that I had not yet found what really makes me happy. Through these two books I have succeeded in recognizing what is still hidden on my life's path. Since I have these two guides, my life has become so much more beautiful and better. My friends are now also enthusiastic and in possession of these books.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  5. Andrea D. from Schärding -

    Great joy
    I immediately felt recognized and understood! This book, together with volume 1, gave me a lot of pleasure because I felt more and more recognized and because there are many recommendations and assistance that are very helpful in everyday life.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  6. Ricarda S. from Lassing -

    Also for skeptical people
    I am a rather skeptical person by nature. But these books have convinced me completely. When I read the descriptions of my numbers, I was at first puzzled how that can go that numbers describe a personality so accurately. Since I always question everything very carefully, I naturally also calculated the numbers for my childhood. Then I was completely convinced, because everything was described exactly ... how I felt at that time and how my position was in the family system. Meanwhile I can recommend all books of this author about numerology.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  7. Daniela Z. from Feldbach -

    Excellent assistance
    I have been dealing with numerology for a long time, I have also read the first book, but no book I have read so far has been so detailed and with so many valuable aids. This is exactly what excites me about the books of Dr. Mazza. I am already looking forward to finally meeting Dr. Mazza and her team in person during the training to become a psychological numerologist.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  8. Manu W. from St. Georgen -

    Recognizing the soul plan
    This book helped me a lot to grasp my soul plan for this life. I completely recognized myself in the descriptions of the numbers of volume 1 and volume 2. I also realized why I keep attracting similar situations. These insights, as well as the recommendations I have followed and implemented, have brought about many positive changes in me - positive changes that are lasting!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  9. Waltraud K. from St. Johann -

    Very helpful!
    Super book. But you should also buy the 1st volume by the author of the same name. Very informative.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  10. Kathrin K. from Weitra -

    Volume 1 and 2 - simply good!
    Since I was already simply thrilled by volume 1 of Numerology, I immediately bought the 2nd volume of the same author. Unimaginable, what comes out through the calculation of their own numbers and how accurately everything is described. Through the exact description of my fears and my mental injuries, I have only really become aware of them. Also how much they limit me in my life. The two books have helped me step by step to get off my usual merry-go-round and move in a different direction. Thank you very much!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  11. Felix V. from Freising -

    Fully satisfied
    After the 1st volume of "Psychological Numerology" by Dr. Mazza, I have now also bought the 2nd volume. As before, I am fully satisfied and enthusiastic. Highly recommended.

    Not verified purchase. More information

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