Energetics and nutrition
Energetics and nutrition

Energetics and nutrition

Learn energetic techniques to energize your food. Furthermore, discover the design of your conscious diet through meditations and mindfulness exercises.


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In this seminar, we will explore the psychological and symbolic meaning of the most important foods and how to create a conscious diet through meditation and mindfulness exercises. In this seminar you will also learn energetic techniques that will help you to energize the food you eat.

Your preference for certain foods reveals a lot about your character, your desires, your thought patterns, your shortcomings and even your talents. A conscious and in-depth examination of your relationship with food from a symbolic and energetic perspective therefore offers you the opportunity to develop your intuition for your personal, intuitive way of eating.

Contents of the seminar

  • Symbolic, metaphorical and psychological meaning of the most important foods
  • Mindfulness and meditation exercises as well as rituals to accompany the various meals
  • Guided meditations and self-treatments to stimulate the metabolism and strengthen digestion
  • Energetic techniques for energizing food
  • Energetic, shamanic and ritual work to energize food
  • Connections between brain, metabolism and nutrition
  • Inner images, self-treatment and mindfulness exercises to find access to your own intuitive, individual way of eating

You can use this seminar as Distance learning complete and independently internalize the practical and theoretical content in accordance with their learning pace and time resources.

All information about this distance learning program can be found at: www.akademiebios.eu/kurse/fernstudium-energetik-ernaehrung/

Speaker: Dott.ssa. Ernestina Mazza


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