Numerology of places and their relationship with us

Numerology of places and their relationship with us

Your home as a mirror of your soul: Transform your home into a source of power with numerology, living room psychology and the right colors and scents

Each place has a special vibration and triggers individual reactions in the people who stay in that place permanently or even for a short time. Through the numerological observation of places it is possible to analyze the vibration of a place and to find out what meaning the place has for the person who was born there, stays there permanently or for a short time.

1st edition Feb. 2021, 284 p. in B&W, size 6 x 9 inches, paperback.

ISBN: 978-3-902907-09-7


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Numerology of places and their relationship with us

This valuable book offers you the unique opportunity to look at the relationship to your home or place of residence from a special perspective and to find out what your learning task is in these places. With this book you will be able to grasp and understand the quality and message of places, apartments and houses in their entirety. This book is a unique reference work that offers you this opportunity.

Clarifying your relationship to your place of birth or residence and recognizing the learning task in this place helps you to grasp the spiritual quality of a place (city, town, district) in its essence. This also enables you to analyze the quality of an apartment, a house or a business premises in depth from different perspectives in order to prevent difficulties and problems and to successfully overcome possible challenges in this place.
Place numerology, home psychology, color psychology, ritual incense and aromatherapy for the home are the areas of knowledge that make this book a unique, interdisciplinary guide. This makes this book a faithful advisor for you, helping you to finally consciously transform your home into a source of power.

Optimal use

Structure of the book and optimal use

We all live in a place where our everyday lives take place. This place is the stage for our thoughts, feelings and actions. Due to the fast pace of our everyday lives, we forget about the connection we have to our home or our living spaces. They are the scenes of our lives, but we attach too little importance to them. Far too rarely do we ask ourselves questions such as:

  • What is my learning task in this place?
  • How can I turn this place into a source of strength?
  • What challenge does this place present me with?

This book is a guide to answering these and many other essential questions in detail. It will help to transform your life in a particular place and the living in your living spaces into processes of awareness. Through this change of perspective, you will not only become more aware of your living areas, but also of your entire existence - and as a result you will be able to draw more strength and zest for life in your home and everyday life.

In chapter 1 of this book you will find the descriptions of the life numbers and learn how to calculate your life number and those of your fellow human beings. With the help of your life number, you will then find out how you experience your relationship to your own home, what needs you associate with your own four walls and what you can do to transform your home into a place of strength and regeneration.

This chapter is enriched by numerous recommendations and tips on how to optimize the design of your home: From the ideal furnishings and suitable materials to suitable colors, plants and incense blends, you will find everything you need to positively influence your living experience.

Chapter 2 is dedicated to the detailed description of the quality of the residential address. By calculating the address of your home, office or business premises, you can find out what challenges and learning tasks these places hold for you. With this knowledge, you will be able to shape your life in these places more consciously and thus develop yourself personally in a targeted manner.

You will also find numerous meditative exercises for the respective numbers in this chapter. These exercises will help you to develop the kind of mindfulness that your living and working spaces need so that they can become oases of well-being for you. You will also find a creative visualization in chapter 2. With its support, you can promote the development of the basic quality of a place using your mental power. The right incense blend for each place rounds off this chapter and also helps you to turn your home into an oasis for your senses.

In chapter 3 you will find the descriptions of the place number. This number explains the quality of a place and reveals the influence this place has on a person's development and biography. The place number therefore refers to important personal themes that are linked to the locations in your life. On this basis, this chapter provides you with numerous opportunities to look at the key places in your past and present from an in-depth perspective. This will enable you to shape your life in these places in your own way and find your own individual path.

In chapter 4 we look at the number of origin. This number occupies a prominent place in place numerology: it allows you to find out how you are connected to your birthplace or current place of residence and what tasks and challenges await you there.

Every person is particularly and lastingly influenced by their place of birth. The place of birth is important for the revelation of the personal soul plan and the development of one's own personality. Exploring the learning task and the challenge of this place can touch you deeply and reveal a part of your inner truth. By deciphering the message of your place of birth or origin, you can steer your personal development in the direction that suits your needs. Recommendations tailored to the respective numbers as well as rituals and exercises will also help you to clarify and strengthen your relationship with your place of birth or residence and, if necessary, experience reconciliation. If you no longer live in this place, you will receive impulses to maintain a peaceful connection to it.

Main actor of this Chapter 5 is the world of colors. These are viewed from the perspective of location numerology and in connection with the vibration of the respective residential address. The contents of this chapter round off the location numerology. You will be shown which colors are best suited to the vibration and quality of your personal place of residence. You can also deepen your knowledge of the psychology and symbolism of colors and find out what effect different shades have in different living spaces and in certain combinations.

In chapters 6 and 7 immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of ritual incense burning and aromatic oils. On the one hand, these exciting areas are presented in their basics and modes of action. On the other hand, you will find optimal incense and essential oils for your life number and the vibration of your home address.

For whom suitable

Who is the book suitable for?

This book offers a broad spectrum of possibilities for transforming your own living space into a source of power. Various treasures of knowledge from numerology, the psychology of living and color, the basics of ritual incense burning and Armoma therapy provide numerous impulses for a stimulating redesign of your own home. But it is not only those who long for an invigorating living experience who will find this guide an ideal companion:

This book is also suitable for all people,

  • who want to consciously grasp the quality of the places in their lives and get to know them from a spiritual perspective,
  • who want to find out which learning task and which soul task is connected to their place of birth, place of childhood and place of residence,
  • who want to use rituals, meditations and coaching exercises to deepen their relationship with their home and shape it as an act of self-love and self-care,
  • who want to find out for which purposes their apartment, house or property is best suited,
  • who feel the need to design their living spaces in a way that reflects their uniqueness,
  • who are active in feng shui consulting or living space consulting and would like to expand their knowledge and professional range with the areas of place numerology, color psychology, ritual incense and aromatherapy,
  • who are interested in interior design and want to explore the relationship between living spaces and people from a new perspective,
  • who would like to get to know their life number in the context of the symbolism and psychological effect of colors as well as with regard to topics such as incense,
  • who are interested in access to the homes of their fellow human beings and want to make their own home or business premises a place where the needs of all those present are taken into account.

As you can see, dear reader, this book satisfies a wide range of needs and wishes. It is best to start your reading with the parts of the book that appeal to you most and address your individual concerns.

Table of contents

About the creation of this book
The numerology of places
Relationship between people and places
Structure of the book
Who is the book suitable for?

Chapter 1: Life numbers as the key to the perfect oasis of well-being
Life number 1: Experience your own home as a place of retreat
Life number 2: a harmonious home to feel good in
Life number 3: perceive the home as a place of development and joy
Life number 4: Your own home as a place of development and joy
Life number 5: The home as a place of relaxation and freedom
Life number 6: The home as a place of community and togetherness
Life number 7: The home as a place of regenerating retreat and peace
Life number 8: The home as a place of powerful self-expression and recharging
Life number 9: The home as a place of peace and joie de vivre
Life number 11/2: The home as a place of healing and vitality
Life number 22/4: Home as a place of security and arrival
Life number 33/6: The home as a place of inner peace and cradle of creativity

Chapter 2: The place number: the numerological vibration of a place
Place number 1: A place of self-realization
Place number 2: A place for inner peace
Place number 3: A place of self-discovery and self-development
Place number 4: A place of clarity and security
Place number 5: A place of communication and inner freedom
Place number 6: A place of tradition and cohesion
Place number 7: A place for a meaningful life
Place number 8: A place for the development of personal power
Place number 9: A place of change and further development

Chapter 3: The vibration of the home address: Exploring the quality of your own home
The vibration of a residential address with the number 1
The vibration of a residential address with the number 2
The vibration of a residential address with the number 3
The vibration of a residential address with the number 4
The vibration of a residential address with the number 5
The vibration of a residential address with the number 6
The vibration of a residential address with the number 7
The vibration of a residential address with the number 8
The vibration of a residential address with the number 9

Chapter 4: The number of origin - the quality of the place of birth and childhoodCalculation method
Number of origin 1: A place to learn freedom and independence
Origin number 2: A place to experience heart healing and self-love
Origin number 3: A place to develop lightness and authenticity
Origin number 4: A place to find personal responsibility and inner clarity
Origin number 5: A place to experience inner freedom and live authentically
Origin number 6: a place of balance between tradition and change
Origin number 7: A place to experience loneliness constructively and find your inner home
Number of origin 8: A place to become self-reliant and go your own way
Origin number 9: A place to stand by your own values and show yourself

Chapter 5: The right colors for your home - color psychology meets place numerologyColors as a feel-good factor at home
Psychology and application of warm colors
Red, the passion at home
Yellow, the joy of life in your home
Orange, an expression of creativity
Coral, liveliness at home
Gold, the color of wealth
Bronze, for a sophisticated atmosphere in your home
Earth tones, for an energizing, grounding home
Psychology and application of cold colors
Blue, pure relaxation for your home
Turquoise, the lightness at home
Green, the power of nature within your own four walls
White, radiance and purity in your own home

Chapter 6: Transforming your home into a source of power with incenseWhat is smoking used for?
How do you smoke?
Incense in connection with the life numbers and the vibration of the home address

Chapter 7: Aromatherapy in connection with the life numbers and the quality of place
What are essential oils?
Benefits and properties of relaxation oils
Options for using essential oils in your own living space
Which oil suits which living space?
Essential oils in connection with the life number and vibration of the home address


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    Psychological numerology inspires me because you learn a lot about yourself individually. No horoscope can keep up with that. Great performance by Dr. Mazza-.

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