Numerology and health
Numerology and health

Numerology and health

Take charge of your health for a fulfilling life

Your personal health number holds a mirror up to your eyes - it includes an accurate Description of your approach to being sick and reveals which Behavioral Schemes They shape. These aspects of the health number are essential to the Dealing with your own body and the personal needs clearly. The process set in motion by this knowledge Reflection and self-analysis process helps you develop more self-esteem.

Do you want quick, effective help to - based on your health number. physically healthier and mentally fitter to be? Then this compact, meaty guide is the right path for you.

1st edition Nov. 2020, 144 p. in B&W, size 6 x 9 inches, paperback.

ISBN: 978-3-902907-20-2

Available from 22 Dec. 2020!


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Take charge of your health for a fulfilling life

This book is Your faithful Travel companion on the way to more physical health 🌿  and mental balance ☀️. Yours Health figure illuminates in a clear form and with meaningful language Factors, personal Behavior patternsCharacter traitsthat the Health can influence.

These Findings you will motivatefinally become active 💪 in order to be physically and mentally to become healthier.

The Health figure analyzes the following aspects:

  • Personality ✅
  • Beliefs and personal patterns ✅
  • Constitution ✅
  • Imprinting from the family of origin ✅
  • Relationship skills and social competence ✅
  • Mental health issues ✅
  • Physical issues ✅
  • How does the health figure ... deal with being ill? ✅

and helps inner regeneration processes and the activation of self-healing powers with the following Recommendations:

  • Self-coaching program for every health figure ✅
  • suitable therapy and methods ✅
  • Bach flowers ✅
  • Bush flowers ✅
  • Incense ✅
  • Gemstones ✅

The Health Number is your personal guide to finding out what helps you to healthier and livelier to be. 🔥

You can also start determining the Health figure yours FriendsChildren 🤸, Partner 🤗 Understand them in depth and support them to be more powerful and face life more positively. ☀️

Table of contents

Introduction: Physical and mental health
The health figure
Health number 1
Health number 2
Health number 3
Health number 4
Health number 5
Health number 6
Health number 7
Health number 8
Health number 9
Staying healthy - a lifelong task
Books on psychological numerology
Bonus 1: Numerology calculator online
Bonus 2: Psychological Numerology Blog
Bonus 3: Numerology Community and Newsletter



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