Inner journeys of healing
Inner journeys of healing

Inner journeys of healing

Accompanying CDs to the book: The path to emotional independence

Letting go of stuck patterns, unfolding relationship skills and your own empathy are the goals of these 2 CDs of guided meditations.

1st ed. Dec. 2013, 2 audio CDs, 9 guided meditations, total: 111 min.

ISBN: 978-3-9503085-7-0



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Accompanying CDs to the book: The path to emotional independence

A picture is worth a thousand words. The impressive inner images of these meditations create the feeling of being the creator of your own life. They are a valuable support when we want to change something in our lives.

By awakening the inner observer, increasing body awareness and open access to your own emotions, these journeys help you to let go of the old and be open to the new.

Letting go of deadlocked patterns, developing your ability to relate and your own empathy are the main aims of these CDs, which are an ideal accompaniment to the book "The Path to Emotional Independence".


1st ed. Dec. 2013, 9 guided meditations with music & ambience
2 Audio-CDs, total: 111 min:

CD 1
1. healing reconciliation with the prenatal phase and birth (8:16 min.)
2. activate the inner observer (15:41 min.)
3. experience the emotional flow harmoniously (17:02 min.)
4. encounter with the inner woman and the inner man (14:54 min.)
Total: 56 min.

CD 2
1. feeling the soul through the body (10:33 min.)
2. reconciliation with the ancestors (10:33 min.)
3. overcoming internal and external resistance (13:21 min.)
4. healing and developing the ability to relate (12:43 min.)
5. empathy as the key to love (8:07 min.)
Total: 55 min.

Double CD booklet: Inner journeys of healing as PDF


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