Decluttering made easy: successfully declutter your mind, soul and home and start a new life!
Decluttering made easy: successfully declutter your mind, soul and home and start a new life!

Decluttering made easy: successfully declutter your mind, soul and home and start a new life!

Transform your living space and yourself into a source of strength - with the tips of living room psychology


1st edition March 2021, 194 p. in B&W, size 6 x 9 inches, paperback.

ISBN: 978-3-902907-10-3


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Decluttering made easy!

With the help of this book you can clear out, muck out and Create orderlight and systematic, mental and at home. As a first step liberate You are from mental and mental junk. With a clear head, you can then devote yourself to the Clearing out your living space - and transform your home into a Power source and Oasis of regeneration.

You create space for new things and for more happiness in your life.

Your home is the mirror of your personality! Here you will learn the symbolic meaning of each living space and which area of life it corresponds to. This will take your relationship with your home and yourself to a new level. You recognize that conscious living an effective form of Self-therapy and a The path to self-love can be.

This book is a faithful companion to encourage you, become active and your Declutter your life and change in the long term.

It lets you look at topics such as decluttering and keeping things tidy from an unfamiliar perspective and dives deep into your soul and living spaces together with you.

Optimal use

Guide to the book

Please consider the following recommendations as a guide for reading this book and for the practical application of its contents.

Use a notebook as a guide when reading and carrying out the exercises

Using a notebook will help you to put the contents of the guidebook into practice more consciously. Make a note of sentences and thoughts that touch you as you read and also use it to carry out the exercises. This will allow you to notice your changes and progress more clearly.

From theoretical knowledge to practical implementation

First read through the table of contents of the book. You can then either study chapter by chapter and carry out the exercises in the suggested order or proceed according to your personal wishes. Trust your intuition - tailor your work with the book to your current needs.

Also take your time to familiarize yourself with the contents of the guide. You can refer to your reference book again and again and perform specific rituals and meditations, for example.

For whom suitable

Who is this book suitable for?

Due to its thematic diversity, this book satisfies a wide variety of needs and also sets itself several goals.

It is a wise, faithful companion:

  • for people who want to overcome their resistance to letting go and decluttering in order to live freely in the here and now;
  • for anyone who wants to grasp the "soul" of a place and the interactions between spaces, places and people;
  • for all those who feel the deep need to declutter their rooms in order to transform them into oases of strength and security;
  • for those who live or work in old houses and buildings and want to clear the field of their premises so that old burdens are dissolved;
  • for habitat consultants who wish to acquire sound knowledge in order to expand their personal and professional skills;
  • For energetic practitioners, body therapists, feng shui consultants, therapists and people working in the helping professions who want to clear their practice rooms and create a powerful, healing aura.

Table of contents

Guide to the book

Chapter 1 - Order and chaos are an expression of our personal development and growth
Chaos and order in living spaces as a barometer of the soul
What do chaos and disorder symbolize?
What symbolizes order?
What does too much chaos mean?
What does too much order mean?
Striking a balance between creative chaos and calming order
Accepting the phase of chaos and taking courage for order
What does it mean to make peace with chaos and order around and within oneself?

Chapter 2 - Clearing out mentally and spiritually
What is mental clutter?
What are the benefits of inner clarification and inner order?
Step 1: Find time to take a deep breath and relax
Step 2: Let go of the old and continue on your life path freely
Step 3: Treat your time as a one-off gift, set priorities
Step 4: Let go of procrastination and live in the here and now
Step 5: Nourish your heart with gratitude

Chapter 3 - House and living spaces as a mirror of personality and as soul spaces
The home as a stage for life and a place of security
The symbol of the house in dreams
Our home creates identity and is a metaphor for our soul
The relationship with the parental home as a decisive factor in feeling at home in one's living space
Turning living and soul spaces into a source of strength
The areas of the house in their symbolic meanings
The entrance door and vestibule: threshold between inside and outside
The garden: the limit of our self-expression
The cellar: realm of the unconscious
The kitchen: a nourishing principle in the home
The living room: the heart of our home
The office and the study: centers of powerful activity and inspiration
The bathroom and toilet: places of cleansing and regeneration
The bedroom: the center of personal development
The children's room: a place of growth and creative power
The attic: The cradle of our vision and our future
Be aware of your relationship with your home

Chapter 4 - What is behind collecting material things?
A pile of objects takes away our living space and joy
How does material clutter influence our psyche?
Accumulated things as status symbols
Hoarded objects as ambassadors of the life story
An excess of objects helps to cope with existential fears and fears of loss
Stored items as a sign of loyalty
A cluttered and untidy home as a protective barrier against unwanted visitors
Hoarded objects help to overcome the fear of emptiness and protect against stressful feelings

Chapter 5 - Check your consumer behavior
Our consumer behavior is fundamentally irrational
What motivates you to shop?
Becoming aware of your motives when shopping

Chapter 6 - Decluttering in practice
Focus on the essentials by decluttering
Decluttering, tidying up and keeping things tidy: Rituals for the psyche
Optimal moments for decluttering
What is junk?
How can you effectively identify clutter?
What to do with the items you have cleared out?
The best tips for clearing out and decluttering
Designing a targeted decluttering campaign
Exercising the muscle of decluttering
Mastering the challenge of keeping order with ease
Digital decluttering
Everyday rituals for a conscious lifestyle

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