Being in the flow with life

Being in the flow with life

The Tao of Intuition

Finally trust your inner voice!

In you slumbers a inner voice invaluablebut which is often underestimated and lies deeply buried under the much-invoked reason. This wise counselor gives you access to your intuition and gives you the courageto make use of your inner wisdom in every situation of life.

1st edition August 2010, 360 p. in color, size 21 x 21 cm, hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-9502733-2-8


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Find your personal flow in life!

Intuition is all people by nature congenital: It therefore does not have to be learned in the true sense of the word, but only reawakened and be practiced. Every person has a very individual approach to their intuition, which needs to be consciously developed.

The book Being in flow with life: The Tao of intuition uses his individual intuition training to describe the importance of intuition for survival, its role as a guide in everyday life and the natural ability of all people to intuitively receive information from the morphogenetic field.

The book shows ways to train your personal intuition day by day and ultimately to be consciously guided by it. This creates intense feelings of safety and security and deep-seated fears are dissolved. From now on, important decisions are also made consciously and intuitively.

In its 360 pages, this manual provides Numerous exercises and special techniques for developing the intuition of each person. Further information and a comprehensive 42-page reading sample can be found on the akademie bios® website.

Optimal use

How can you work with this book?

This book covers a variety of topics that provide insight into the different steps that can be taken to give your gut feeling more trust.

Step 1: Start where your intuition is blocked

To get an overview of the book, you should start by reading the introduction and then use the table of contents to find inspiration as to which chapters are most relevant to you and your interests. Select the chapters that make you feel that they can help you understand what is affecting your inner voice and causing it not to be heard. The third chapter "Healing the past" and the sixth chapter "Healing the inner child" in particular serve as valuable starting points to help you clarify the causes of your lack of trust in your gut feeling and subsequently heal it.

Step 2: Embark on the path to more trust in your inner voice

Once you have dealt with the issues that are blocking your intuition and found solutions to heal them, I recommend that you work with the exercises and topics in chapters 9 to 15. They will help you to Perceiving your inner voice step by step to train. Through the impulses and suggestions in these chapters you learn to accept and love yourself, merz and become more confident in your expression and demeanor.

Step 3: Manifest your intuition in everyday life

At the end of the book you will find a 21-day training program to develop your intuition for more trust in your inner voice. The entire program is easy to integrate into everyday life.

You can also choose the exercises that best suit your needs from the three-week exercise program.

Trusting your intuition is an essential aspect of leading a happy life, because our inner voice proves to be a faithful companion in our everyday lives and is always at our side in all situations. Its wisdom helps us to stay true to ourselves and make the right decisions for us. The quality of our relationships also improves when we listen to our intuition.

For whom suitable

The purchase of this book is particularly worthwhile if

  • you of your Trust your inner voice would like.
  • you finally come to terms with the past and find access to your inner wisdom.
  • you your mental strength and the power of your thoughts consciously want to use.
  • you in the Rooted in the here and nowwant to be.
  • you the want to find the courage to make a new start to dare.
  • you are in a phase of self-discovery and on the path to change are looking for a faithful, wise companion who can surprise you with his wisdom at any time.

Table of contents

Introduction: "Igniting the vital force"
About "Tao Healing Mind®"

Chapter 1: "Intuition"
Chapter 2: "Letting go in order to find yourself"
Chapter 3: "Healing the past"
Chapter 4: "Recognizing the scripts of our patterns"
Chapter 5: "Our strategies for playing games with others"
Chapter 6: "Healing the inner child"
Chapter 7: "Intuition training"
Chapter 8: "The constructive power of emotions"
Chapter 9: "Educating mental strength"
Chapter 10: "The power of the moment"
Chapter 11: "Feeling yourself in your body"
Chapter 12: "Immerse yourself"
Chapter 13: "Opening up to intuition"
Chapter 14: "Staying in the flow - living intuitively"
Chapter 15: "The wisdom of the birth vision and fateful coincidences"
Chapter 16: "Intuition in practice"




Customer reviews

12 reviews for Im Fluss mit dem Leben sein

  1. Irene G. from Gleisdorf -

    Great companion on the road to change!
    The topics range from the inner child to fears and interpersonal relationships to stressful beliefs and limiting patterns. A book that can accompany you for a long time to change yourself and your life and take the reins in your own hands.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  2. Marco T. from Zwettl -

    Unimaginably extensive!
    It's amazing what you can get for this price. At first I thought: "Well, it's quite an expensive book, I wonder if it lives up to its promise." All I can say is YES, it does. This book guides you through the different steps that help you to develop more joy of life and intuition and to develop more confidence in life.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  3. Sarah T. from Feldbach -

    I liked this book because of its diversity. Many topics are illuminated, for example, how to let go of old burdens, imprints or fears with the help of simple exercises or rituals or how to heal within oneself. The author accompanies step by step and also suggests exercises / rituals, which she describes very well. Thus, I have regained more access to looseness and joie de vivre and also got a desire for interpersonal exchange. In addition, I actually trust my intuition more again.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  4. Birgit N. from Kalsdorf -

    Enrichment for little money
    It is unimaginable how broadly this book is laid out. It is not written superficially as in other books about intuition and a happy life. Here you are taken by the hand and shown in simple steps and with the respective exercises and rituals how to get to happiness and to your intuition. Highly recommended. Especially for this price.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  5. Marlies P. from Graz -

    One of the most beautiful gifts
    I received this book as a gift and with it a path has opened for me to regain access to my intuition. Through this book I feel again my forgotten joy, happiness and liveliness. Thanks to my friend and to the author.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  6. Larissa G. from Mürzzuschlag -

    Change his life!
    Good and simple descriptions and explanations. Many exercises, visualizations, rituals ... Have been able to implement some from the book. However, since it is so comprehensive, I am still at it. A great book.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  7. Bettina W. from Wettmannstätten -

    A book for inner freedom
    This book with all its exercises has done me a lot of good. The exercises are well explained and have an immediate effect. It immediately makes you want to just keep going. I recommend it to anyone who is ready to take control of their life and make a change.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  8. Karin X. from Schwechat -

    In the flow with life
    I have read many books in this and similar fields. But this book surpasses all I have read before. The exercises have helped me a lot to become more self-confident, more self-assured, but above all more successful. I am always happy when I pick up the book.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  9. Alexandra Z. from Herzogenburg -

    Very worth reading!
    Extremely comprehensive. You deal with your own inner child, your own fears, your own patterns and ways of reacting, your own intuition, your own emotions, your own power, the power of the moment and your own body. It is unimaginable how extensive this book is, and at that, compared to other books, which often do not even contain a fraction of the knowledge contained here, it is still very cheap.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  10. Markus S. from Fernitz-Mellach -

    Rediscovering my intuition
    It has always been a mystery to me that some people rely so much on their intuition, and even more important to me was the question of what intuition actually feels like. Through this book, I have come to know some of myself. It helped me a lot to get out of family patterns and to access my intuition.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  11. Michaela B. from Radkersburg -

    Intuition and more!
    This book walks you through in steps exactly what you need and should do to get to more intuition and your true "self". I felt like I was taken by the hand from the beginning. Also, the book is written in the form of the story of "Miriana", which was very motivating for me. Because through this I immediately had the feeling that someone else has already managed it, which is why I will also manage it.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  12. Renate P. from Ilz -

    Positive change
    After reading the book "The Way to Emotional Self-Reliance" by the same author, I also read this book and worked with it according to the instructions. I find it incredible what can change in a person's life just by reading and doing the exercises in the book. My fellow men approach me differently, even my colleagues have noticed my change.

    Not verified purchase. More information

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