The path to emotional independence
The path to emotional independence

The path to emotional independence

Heal emotional injuries and
live fulfilling relationships

Everyone is capable of relationships - This book by the hand and guides you to heal your emotional hurts and to have fulfilling interpersonal relationships. Become the Creator of your relationship happiness and find a balance between adaptation and self-assertion in your relationships.

3. verb. Edition, August 2015, 507 p., A5 softcover, ecopaper

ISBN: 978-3-9502733-5-9


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Finally able to have a relationship and happy

Everyone wants to be accepted and loved. Missing us the opportunity in our childhood, a consolidated basic trust to develop, so we feel hurt and have the feeling not lovable to be. Ultimately, this also makes our lives as adults more difficult, as the lack of self-confidence and basic trust is particularly evident at this stage of our lives.

The healing exercises and psychological tests described in the book will help you to strengthen your self-worth and find a balance between adaptation and self-assertion in your relationships

With blunt clarity, this book reveals how unresolved childhood wounds hinder devoted adult relationships and limit their development. Reaching for this book enables us to get off the merry-go-round of failed relationships and lost love and to let go of painful experiences.

If we understand our hurts, we no longer have to wait for our fellow human beings to change or for Mr. or Mrs. Right to knock on our door one day, but can actively shape our partnership and our important relationships.

The many life stories and suggestions that come to life on the pages of this book provide the impetus to recognize one's own injuries and to permanently resolve the resulting patterns of belief and behaviour.

The time of reproach and offense is now coming to an end and we are meeting ourselves and our fellow human beings with more gratitude and tolerance. The wide-ranging and extensive practical section of this book supports you in taking concrete steps to develop your ability to love and to put the knowledge gained into practice immediately. This book is an invitation to make a courageous and clear decision to live love in the here and now with an open heart.

Optimal use

How can you work with this book?

The following steps will help you to make the best use of the book for your personal development and to consult it for your emotional healing.

Step 1: Recognize your emotional injuries

If you want to get the most out of this book for yourself, it is advisable to read through the descriptions of the emotional injuries at the beginning of the reading. Take a look at the emotional injuries described in the book and become aware of which emotional injury you identify with most strongly. The specially created test to identify emotional injuries will serve as a compass to help you find out exactly which injuries are affecting your ability to relate.

Step 2: Resolving emotional injuries

The numerous exercises in the practical section of the book will help you to heal the behavioral patterns and beliefs that arise from your injuries. I recommend that you first work through the exercises that serve to heal your own injuries. You should then carry out the test on your personal inner child and work through the corresponding exercises for the inner child.

Step 3: Welcome the new

In this third step, it is advisable to read through the steps for healing emotional wounds listed in Chapter 7 and identify for yourself the specific areas in which you need support. Once you believe that you have found the steps that will help you to be more independent in your relationships and that are beneficial to your personal development, you can then carry out the corresponding exercises.
This book is a loving companion for you, always at your side on the path of life. So pick it up again and again when you are on the brink or feel the need to better understand the people you love.

For whom suitable

The purchase of this book is particularly worthwhile if

  • you your want to free relationships from emotional wounds.
  • you your inner child finally heal would like.
  • you want to get rid of your emotional dependency.
  • you in your relationships no longer being dependent on the opinions and needs of others would like.
  • you finally want to stand up for yourself and seek the courage to set boundaries and take care of yourself.
  • you are ready, New ways of healing for you and your inner child
  • you finally feel ready to take control of your life and heal your heart.
  • you long for it, to close the wounds of the past and you are ready to understand and let go of your heartache.

Table of contents

Explanation of terms

Chapter 1: How emotional injuries arise

Chapter 2: Recognizing emotional injuries
2.1 The emotional injury of abandonment
2.2 The emotional injury of rejection
2.3 The emotional injury of injustice
2.4 The emotional violation of the breach of trust
2.5 The emotional injury of humiliation
2.6 The emotional injury of being criticized
2.7 The emotional injury of isolation

Chapter 3: The steps to emotional independence
Step 1: Accepting your own injuries
Step 2: Confronting the impulse image of the inner child
Step 3: Build up resources
Step 4: Consciously dealing with emotions and feelings
Step 5: Reconciliation with the ancestors
Step 6: Dealing with internal and external resistance
Step 7: Develop relationship and communication skills

Practical part: exercise parts 1 to 8 with exercise programs with 58 exercises, 2 tests and 9 meditations

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Customer reviews

21 reviews for Der Weg zur emotionalen Selbständigkeit

  1. Johanna B. from Graz -

    Go through life more stable and confident!
    The book is written in simple language and therefore understandable for really EVERYONE. While reading I had one aha experience after the other. One feels picked up, understood and recognized. I was never so aware of how much the emotional injuries affect us in our relationships and in our lives - and also when making decisions. I feel it is all the more important that as many people as possible experience this in order to be able to change their lives. Only now do I understand why people keep saying that the other person is only the mirror for you. This book has helped me to become more stable, self-confident, cheerful, open and curious, to go through life with more confidence and to find myself. Thank you very much!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  2. Nicole V. from Deutschlandsberg -

    Tackle problems at the root!
    This book hits the nail on the head. The author could not have put it more aptly: "Caught in the labyrinth of expectations" or "The scripts of relationships repeat themselves" ... It's incredible, the book is written as if for me. I finally realized where the root of my problems lies. The author takes you by the hand and walks you through the various steps to emotional self-sufficiency. These steps include recognizing and accepting one's hurts, confronting one's inner child, building resources, consciously dealing with emotions and feelings, reconciling with ancestors, dealing with resistance, and last but not least, developing relationship and communication skills. I could have saved myself many other books if I had found this book earlier.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  3. Susanne S. from Graz -

    Valuable companion!
    This book is just great. It helped me understand why I find myself in the situations I am stuck in. I was already very satisfied with that. But it gets even better: through the many exercises, I also got a tool in my hand to get myself out of it. When I bought this book, I didn't imagine it would help me so much. I can really say that through this book I have come closer to myself, detach myself more and more from dependent relationships and through all this I feel more and more free, alive and also joyful. Absolutely recommend it!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  4. Dora L. from Liezen -

    Thumbs up!
    Understandably written and explained. I immediately understood the content and was able to absorb it. Has me and will continue to help me very much to change my life for the better.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  5. Helga P. from Weiz -

    Big thank you
    I did not expect anything else from the author, but I also liked this book very much. It is stated very precisely how to get from emotional dependence via 7 steps to emotional independence. I especially liked the steps very much and they also helped me. Thank you so much!!!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  6. Nina F. from Gleisdorf -

    A wonderful book for healing relationships!
    This book can be highly recommended to anyone who is going through or has gone through a complex and painful love experience. I found the book to be memorable and helpful with the many life stories as well as the many exercises. It allowed me to finally take the first steps to heal my heart. The book truly gets to the root of the problem and offers ways out of emotional dependency as well as ways to love yourself.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  7. Richard F. from Kirchdorf an der Krems -

    Eye opener!
    I felt addressed and understood from the beginning. This book opened my eyes and I understood for the first time how much my behavior is shaped by my emotional injuries and how much I do without because of them. These insights were already the first steps and at the same time a strong motivation to deal with the offered exercises. Now I am in the middle of it and am enthusiastic, motivated and more self-confident.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  8. Lisa K. from Linz -

    Well and clearly explained. You immediately recognize yourself in your own injuries. I started the exercise program right after reading it and am surprised every time what such simple exercises do to me.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  9. Sarah L. from Graz -

    Absolutely recommended
    This book radiates sincere help. I could immediately recognize myself in the case studies that the author describes. So I was finally able to find out why, in order to get a little love and recognition, I was always ready to deny myself. The many exercises helped me and still help me to take concrete steps for my emotional self-reliance and to finally be free for true love.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  10. Monika S. from Deutschfeistritz -

    The scripts of relationships repeat
    This book helped me to understand myself better. Especially to understand why I so often find myself in similar situations in my relationship. Even I have already realized that my relationship problems have similarities to the problems with my father, but I did not know what exactly this was due to, and certainly not how I could have changed it. Through the practice section in the book, I felt taken by the hand and was finally able to make a difference in my life. I'm always thrilled when something evolves, making me feel closer and closer to myself.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  11. Christine J. from Klagenfurt -

    Changed my life
    This book fell into my hands at a time in my life when I was asking myself almost daily what was wrong with me. I almost believed that I was not capable of having relationships or experiencing positive feelings. Something kept coming up that made me feel bad, not understood, or even not noticed. The test about the emotional injuries and the inner child and also the explanations of the emotional injuries helped me to look behind so many situations in my life. And finally I felt understood - and by a book. This motivated me a lot to follow the given steps in the book and to do the exercises or rituals. What I have been able to observe and still notice clearly is that a lot has changed in my relationships or that a lot is changing. I have been given the opportunity to develop myself further and have grown enormously. This gives me unbelievable joy, especially because I can clearly feel and observe the successes. That's why I will definitely continue to work with the book.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  12. Renate P. from Ilz -

    Understand yourself better and help
    Through this book I have begun to understand myself better. And at the same time, with the varied exercise program, it has supported me to transform my stressful feelings and emotions and to have more trust in myself and in my fellow human beings. I recommend this book to all those who want to open up in relationships, don't always want to experience the same hurts and want to find the courage to live themselves.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  13. Nina K. from Nestelbach -

    Recognize and understand basic emotional injuries
    Recognizing basic emotional injuries, understanding them and then taking steps to heal them and thereby become freer - that is the basic essence of the book. I am thrilled with it because it means I am no longer trapped in my old patterns that I could not free myself from on my own. Highly recommended if you want to make a change in your life and relationships.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  14. Daniela J. from Steyr -

    Career change!
    Through this book, I finally managed to assert myself professionally. I always had problems in my job to stand out as a woman among men. By chance, this book was recommended to me. At first I thought to myself, what good will this book do me, it certainly won't be able to solve my problems. But I was proven wrong. Through the descriptions of the emotional injuries and the test in the book, through which one can find out which injury(ies) one is characterized by, I realized where my problem lies. The next step was that I started doing the exercises. In this way, my problems have continuously dissolved. Professionally, this has changed a lot.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  15. Elisabeth P. from Lieboch -

    Incredible knowledge transfer and implementation guide
    I was able to recognize many mechanisms through this book, which allows me to deal with certain things differently in the future. A real enrichment in my life. I am currently doing the exercises and am amazed at how effective they are. A real MUST for anyone who wants to be more relational and have a loving relationship. But it also helps one to get a better handle on oneself, to value oneself, to get closer to oneself and to find oneself. For me it was also very nice to get such lovely feedback from those around me, without anyone knowing what I was doing.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  16. Michi V. from Feldbach -

    A book for those willing to change!
    I think the book is very good because it doesn't just harp on the incriminating, but also shows how easy it is to change things if you really want to. Full 5 stars.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  17. Irene G. from Gleisdorf -

    Recognize and resolve emotional dependencies
    This book clearly expresses what we are influenced by in our lives and how much we are emotionally dependent. It is very impressive how the author brings various topics clearly to the point and subsequently offers assistance that is easy to perform. It made me realize more and more details that I am now gradually changing with the help of the exercises and rituals. Great!!!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  18. Marie H.W. from Gratwein -

    "Old memories distort the perception of the present".
    The author could not have put it more aptly. I have been in situations again and again in which I have known that my behavior was not appropriate to the circumstances, but exaggerated or even completely inappropriate. It was only through the descriptions in this book that I realized what led me to behave in one way or another. This realization has given me the motivation to implement the help in the book. As a result, I feel an incredible sense of relief.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  19. Isabella K. from Freistadt -

    Valuable guide and great workbook
    I bought this book in order to better understand my fellow human beings. Again and again I have asked myself why people often, although it does not correspond to the situation, behave completely exaggerated and show a totally distorted perception. This book has helped me a lot to get an understanding of this. An extremely positive side effect of this book for me was that I recognized my own emotional injuries and was able to change many things for myself by means of the many exercises, meditations and healing impulses. I take this book to hand again and again. Colleagues and friends are also enthusiastic about it. For me, this book, and also the books "The Handbook of Partnership Numerology" and "Happy Children, Serene Adults" by the same author, are highly recommended.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  20. Sandra H. from Graz -

    Getting out of the old rut
    This book helped me realize why I kept experiencing the same situations with different people. By recognizing my emotional hurts and doing the exercises described in the book, I was able to get out of the old rut and free myself from the old burdens. I didn't think it was possible, but through this book I was proven wrong. Thank you very much!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  21. Gerhard S. from Vienna -

    An inspiring book!
    I bought this book as professional literature. But it didn't take long and I was in the middle of it and started to explore my own injuries. I must add that I have already had a lot to do with self-awareness as part of my trainings. Still, this book uncovered quite a bit. Very enriching, even for people who think they already know about themselves.

    Not verified purchase. More information

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