Distance learning: The Raunächte


Introduction to the Raunächte

Origin of the Raunächte

Myths of the Raunächte

Incense in the Raunächten


December 21: Discovering the inner truth and clarifying the intention for a new beginning

December 24 - Christmas Eve: Honor your roots, your ancestors

12 Raunächte

December 25: Strengthen your intuition & manifest your inner light

December 26: Connect with your inner wisdom

December 27: Consciously change old patterns and start the new stage of life full of strength

December 28: Awaken your creative power and find your vision

December 29: Gather your strength and take bold steps to realize your vision

December 30: Say goodbye with a grateful heart and gain inner strength and peace

December 31: Shine your inner light and weave the threads of a blessed future

01 January: Celebrate the New Year and define your personal happiness

02 January: Recognize your inner truth and feel your own greatness & strength

03 January: Strengthen your will and motivation for a successful new beginning

January 04: Prepare the breeding ground for the fulfillment of your wishes and dreams

January 05: Find motivation and inspiration for a peaceful and great 2023

3 x bonus

Bonus 1: Rune meditations for the Raunächten (please follow link)

Bonus 2: Incense rituals ebook with the wisdom of winter mystery plants

Bonus 3: Step-by-step instructions for each Raunacht with a beautifully designed journal! -> see journal sections above 👆