Conditions for book retailing

We grant the book retailers the usual book retailing conditions of 30 per cent discount on individual orders (plus postage). If at least four of our books (with at least 2 pieces) are taken on commission and are available in the bookshop’s display,we are happy to grant a 40 per cent bookshop discount.

Remissions are always possible with us as long as the books are in mint condition.

Delivery for the German speaking markets

Delivery for Germany, Austria and Switzerland:
Artha Book Service / Publishing Delivery
Contact: Rolf Mihm
Grüntenseestr. 42
87466 Oy-Mittelberg
Phone: +49 8361 8031
Order email:

Delivery routes and shipping costs

For Germany and Austria:
Our delivery Artha Book service supplies our books on the book wagons of KNV, Libri, Umbreit and Morawa at the usual kilo prices.

Alternatively, we also offer delivery by post (Germany/Austria), DHL and DPD, whereby the shipping costs are to be borne by the bookshop according to the expense. Depending on the size of the order, these amount to approx. € 4.30.

For Switzerland:
Bookshops from Switzerland can order our books directly from the Swiss Book Centre, to which our supplier Artha is connected.